Custom Fuel Solutions


Custom Fuel Solutions

Our Technologies & Research Laboratory

We offer a very diverse technology line including hundreds of different technologies that utilize differing concentrations of our key components to meet marketing needs, custom programs, and to ensure effectiveness in even the hardest to treat fuels in the North American fuel market. Our research laboratory has created custom blends for fuel suppliers who have specific goals for their premium fuel program. Located in Chicagoland, our research laboratory has the necessary equipment and trained staff to give the market we serve important data they can use to provide the markets they serve a more robust product offering. Our key components we can include in our additive packages include:


ETP utilizes proprietary terpolymer anti-gel chemistry designed to maximize operability response in even hard-to-treat fuels while also maintaining low additive handleability for convenient blending of fuels in cold weather.

De-Icer / Moisture Control

Our moisture control component is both safe to use, and is a highly effective de-icer and moisture control chemistry. We design our moisture control technologies to prevent build-up of large water tank bottoms by emulsifying moisture and safely moving it through systems. In cold temperatures it will also prevent freezing and ice formation.

Wax Anti-Settling Agent (WASA)

ETP has been a front runner in creating winter additive packages that include WASA technology that will effectively prevent wax settling even when sustaining cold temperatures that remain below the cloud point of fuel for several days. ETP offers a variety of different WASA packages.

Detergent Chemistry

Our detergent chemistry utilizes the most effective molecules that are available for diesel fuel to meet the needs of modern engines. Modern engines can be very susceptible to performance hindering deposits in both nozzle tips, and internal moving parts. Our detergents exceed the test requirements of industry standard tests (XUD-9, DW-10B, DW-10C, and HD IDID as tested on a 6.8 litre heavy duty engine).


Diesel engines use fuel to lubricate the fuel system. Our lubricity additives can meet the additional level of fuel lubricity that major engine manufacturers prefer to be used in their engines, and also meet the levels that the National Council of Weights and Measures (NCWM) specifies in their premium fuel recommendations.


Increased cetane allows fuel to ignite faster and allows engines to access power from fuel with less work. ETP offers a wide variety of technologies with differing levels of cetane boost to meet specific market needs for our customers.

Stability Agent

Fuel stability is a major issue when it comes to extended fuel storage, as well as heats and pressures that fuel is subjected to in modern engine designs. The fuel stability agents that we use can extend the duration that fuel can stay fresh while in storage, and protect from thermal breakdown from heat and pressure.

Gasoline Additive Packages

We blend gasoline additive that optimize fuel for high performance gasoline engines, as well as marine applications, and standard gasoline engine usage. Our technologies are designed to offer enhanced performance in both ethanol, and non-ethanol gasolines.

Gasoline Detergent

We offer a variety of gasoline technologies that are utilized in terminals that are highly effective and cost competitive.


ETP anti-static technologies are both cost efficient, and effective with proven testing, and performance data.

Our technologies and who they are for:

ETP fuel additives have been reformulated to offset the negative effects of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) caused by the modern refining processes. Our diesel fuel additives offer our customers breakthrough solutions for fuel economy, emissions, power restoration, and compatibility with biodiesel blends. With best-in-class detergents, lubricity, cetane improvers, rust and corrosion inhibitors, fuel stability and winter operability technologies, we make it our business to stay ahead of the times in order to give our customers the most competitive advantage possible.

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