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ETP: Education

The Premier Manufacturer of Fuel Additives

Cold Weather Preparation: Optimizing Performance in Winter Weather

Winter weather is here, and it’s time to prepare for optimal diesel fuel and biodiesel winter performance. The first cold days of the year are a prime time for older fuel filters with excess water to prematurely freeze. The best winter fuel program incorporates preventative maintenance, preparation, and on-going analysis.

As you are aware, cold weather significantly impacts fuel performance. To mitigate issues, below is a brief list to help prevent unforeseen issues in the winter.

Changing Fuel Filters: Regular changes are vital to maintain fuel quality and engine performance. Whether it is on storage tanks or equipment, changing fuel filters prior to the winter is key.

De-icer or Moisture Control: Prevent fuel line freezing by considering de-icers or moisture control products. ETP’s packages add an additional layer to remove water from tanks and/or prevent filter icing.

Adding Winter Additive: Winter additives prevent fuel gelling, wax accumulation, and waxed fuel filters. Explore recommended packages to improve cold-weather performance.

Sending Fuel Samples for Analysis: Regular fuel analysis is crucial. Track cloud points, moisture content, wax suspension properties and operability performance to detect and address issues proactively.

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