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The Premier Manufacturer of Fuel Additives

ETP: Education

The Premier Manufacturer of Fuel Additives

Tank Maintenance Steps for Drivers

Fuel delivery drivers play a critical role in proper tank maintenance programs. If they perform a few easy tasks when they visit customer locations, they can avoid tank maintenance issues.  

Many drivers already monitor tanks when they are filling them, but here is a list of things that they can try to keep in mind:

Tasks to be performed before every fill

✓ Check the fill port for standing water,

✓ Inspect the fill cap and gasket

✓ Inspect the vent

Tasks to be performed every month

✓ Monitor the tank’s bottom water levels. 

✓ If there is a change noted, stick and sample the tank bottoms and fuel from nozzles for moisture

✓ Ensure that all caps are seated correctly monitor Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) for water

Tasks to be performed twice a year

✓ ET Products can help determine the proper intervals to treat with an effective biocide to mitigate microbial growth before it multiplies

✓ Visually inspect the shear valve

✓ Check all filters and ensure that they are working correctly, need to be replaced, and are the correct type for their location in the system

✓ Perform flow rate test to ensure that fuel is pumping properly