ETP: Education

The Premier Manufacturer of Fuel Additives

ETP: Education

The Premier Manufacturer of Fuel Additives

Tank Maintenance Steps for End-Users

Fuel tank maintenance works best when the actual end-users also monitor their tanks since they are the people that are around them most.  

Here are a few tips that customers can keep in mind to help monitor their tanks and prevent storage issues.

Tasks to be performed every week

✓Check the fill port for standing water

✓ Inspect the fill cap and gasket

✓ Inspect the vent

✓ Make sure that all fittings, vent caps and threaded connections are tight

✓ Keep nozzles hung in their proper place

✓ Monitor changes in the flow rate of the pump

Tasks to be performed twice a year

✓ ET Products can help determine the proper intervals to treat with an effective biocide to mitigate microbial growth before it multiplies

✓ Check all filters and ensure that they are working properly, need to be replaced, and are the correct type for their location in the system

✓ If installing tanks near roofs, make sure that water does not run off the roof and drop directly on fuel tanks

✓ It is also essential to make sure that filters are in good shape, and are large enough to allow fuel to flow in the cold weather.